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Porcelain vase Bulb S - Purple Dripper

Porcelain vase Bulb S - Purple Dripper

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Handmade porcelain vase with drippy glaze This little vase has a bulge on the bottom, therefor the name Bulb. All the porcelain items are handmade by the Desired-Design designers. These vases are cast of porcelain. After that all vases will be finished, painted, glazed and fired. Because the totall process is done by hand, none of the items will be the same. Also Every time the glaze reacts different in the kiln. This is the charm of the product. The used glaze is glossy. The inside is glazed as well, so it will be waterproof. Material: porcelain Size: Ø7 x 6,8 cm Color: lilac, details in blue, cream, white (a lot of different colors are seen in the drips)
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