Oh hey there! It’s me, Kathryn, the girl behind Confetti Riot. It's taken me about 7 years to write an "about" page since I’ve always gone out of my way to keep myself some kind of secret. Even though my products exude a confidence, I can’t say I also carry that confidence. I’ve always felt showing myself would be a bad idea because I don’t fit the image that I try to create through my work. I’ve been through hours and hours of counseling to help me overcome anxiety and depression and to fight the urge to always put myself down. It’s been a struggle my entire life and it’s why I try to create things to help uplift others. Helping you, helps me too. So thank you to everyone out there who has bought one of my products to give joy to themself or to someone else! It means so much to me that I can put a smile on your face when I’m having a hard time having a smile on my own. 

Now let's talk about the basics. I started Confetti Riot in Nashville back in 2012 when it was only hand painted pillows and coasters . It's evolved quite a bit over the years (and changed locations - now I call Houston, Texas home) but the spirit is still there. My background is in graphic design and visual merchandising and I love how I can marry the two in this business. I'm inspired by modern art and anything that makes me laugh. I'm married to my husband, Nathan, who is starting to take on a role in the business so you may see him around on my social media. I'm a dog mom, cat mom, and a step mom.

The end.